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UK High Court: Judicial Review?

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This is an important update for existing members (co-claimants) and other potentially interested parties:

We expect you to already know that the creation of the Mars Land Claim (and thus the 3 claims bundle) was intended to spike the UN (specifically, UN-COPUOUS) into updating the Outer Space Treaty 1967 in order to keep it fit for purpose and therefore keep us all safe from aggressive weaponization (including nukes) in orbit/space … otherwise this WILL happen in the next 15 years.

Just lobbying the UN did not have any effect. This claim has a better chance. Why?… because the desire of GREED is stronger than the desire for PEACE. Sad but true. When UN member states realise that there is actually nothing in international space law to prevent our pan-multinational communal claim to Martian land, they will wake up and smell the coffee!

So we need our communal claim to be appraised in an international court or UN forum (like COPUOS).

Our communal claim is build on a single sustained act of possession (using high powered lasers targeting Mars plus a comprehensive Mars Governance Plan) which is being carried out by Dr Phil Davies on behalf of all fellow claimants. He is a UK national and most (not all) laser activity is conducted from UK (other locations are Ireland, mainland EU and worldwide).

Therefore, Dr Phil Davies, in asserting his/our human right to property, demanded that UK Government present his communal claim to COPUOS. The UK Government considered … then asked for more time … then finally refused. We have a window of opportunity to challenge this decision by way of UK High Court Judicial Review (until 18 June 2019).  We are seeking a “Compulsory Order” whereby the court compels the UK Gov into providing a pathway for our claim towards international legal appraisal (ECHR, COPUOS or other).

So we have issued the UK Gov (specifically, the FCO) with a fomal pre-action letter (“letter before claim”) which is a last chance for us to sort this out without formal legal action.


  • Dr Phil Davies has notified you all by email of this intended court action.
  • As co-claimants, you are entitled to be considered as claimants (within the court claim) or interested parties.
  • If you wish to have your name listed as a claimant or intersted party, please email Dr Phil Davies at: admin@marsregister.net
  • Please note, however, that in listing your name in this High Court Judicial Review, you may incur responsibilities, even financial (costs etc).
  • Dr Phil Davies recommends that you do not put your names forward, because if the findings of the Judicial Review are favourable, we all benefit anyway. But if the outcome is not positive, then claimant is responsible for costs (including defendant/UK Gov costs). That could be a considerable cost. Dr Phil Davies is willing to shoulder that responsibility and opines that it would be more complicated if others put the names forward in this claim. In fact, more claimants will probably mean bigger costs.
  • Despite this recommendation from Dr Phil Davies, if you (as a fellow co-claimant) wish to be listed as a claimant or interested party, please contact Dr Davies (admin@marsregister.net) before 21st May 2019


Our legal position is set our in the pre-action letter to UK Government, a redacted version of which is available for you to read here:

Legal Pre-Action Letter (MS Word)

Pre-Action Letter (PDF)


NOTE: we will know by 16 May 2019 if UK Gov is not prepared to offer an alternative solution and thus Judicial Review becomes our immediate default option.