THIS IS legal … our average price is: 2 acres for 1 cent [US] !!!
Autumn 2022: ‘Nationality Claims’ are available at 33% off !!
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[ approx $24 ]
  • Available
  • 9 to 35 Sq Km
  • Land Choice



[ approx $39 ]
  • Available
  • 20 to 35 Sq Km!
  • Land Choice

Nationality A to L


[ approx $19 !! ]
  • Still Available!
  • 9 to 35 Sq Km
  • Land Choice

Nationality M to Z


[ approx $19 !! ]
  • Still Available!
  • 9 to 35 Sq Km
  • Land Choice

On average our average price [per acre] is TWO THOUSAND TIMES CHEAPER than those so-called deeds out there!

**Nationality Claims: up to 35 SQ KM = more than 8500 Acres! … for less than $20! [rate = 10 Acres for ~ 2 Cents] **


If you get in EARLY you can get a claim at even more reduced prices (“Nationality Claims” are on introductory offer at just £14 [$19], even cheaper than the Standard Claims… because we NEED “The Martians” to be as multi-national as possible). Note: “Preference Claims” are allocated against chosen, located future plots (hence the significantly higher price) and “Priority Claims” will be some of the largest of all the standard claims and also the first to be dealt with by a lottery method (before the standard claims).

If you want to know how our Mars Land Claim is progressing, go to our NEWS page.

We are open and honest about our work here. We will do our best to honor your faith in our project. YOU MUST Read the two sections below:
You are joining our pan-multinational communal claim of Factual Possession of land on Planet Mars (this is not a deed or confirmation of ownership… because such is not legally possible within current space law… but it does put you (and us) first in line for this, if/when the law changes). This claim has been legally verified (see the legal section). Such a communal claim, based faithfully in current applicable law, has never been achieved until now. Your joining is formally recognized in claim certificates which are immediately downloadable on purchase. These certificates also document our intent to relentlessly pursue the goal of gaining titled ownership to the claimed land. These are intended to be legal claim certificates. Again, we must state… these are NOT DEEDS. To date it is not legitimate for any agency to sell deeds (apart from those that are stamped as ‘novelty’ deeds without any legal status).

Our claim is legitimate and very real. The claim certificates are NOT novelty gifts.

NOTE: the claim certificate bundle  contains three different certificates designs (including a seasonal gift certificate), plus our Declaration-of-Intent and a cover-note. This certificate bundle is available to download immediately after purchase. The ‘foot’ of each certificate is stamped (in small characters) with a unique transaction number and the email address of the purchaser.  We do not stamp the name of the intended certificate holder – but we do safely record (GDPR compliant) the name, DOB and email/postal addresses of buyer (and intended recipient if it is being gifted).  Since March 2020 (pandemic surge), we no longer post physical certificates. The certificates can easily be downloaded and printed, but we suggest you have them professionally printed on parchment paper for average $2 per certificate (the dark certificates require quality printing).

The certificates can be downloaded (via an email link which is sent to you-the buyer) up to 100 times in case you lose the originally downloaded bundle. The buyer can gift a recipient either with the email link to the unique download page or simply send the digital bundle by email (we recommend you do both). In this way digital certificates can be printed out and handed down your family lines. Each time you ‘pass-on’ your certificate (e.g. in your will), we demand that you (or your family lawyer) contact us by email, documenting the name, DOB and email/postal address of the new recipient. We will ask you to verify your identity and then add the new claimants details to our secure records. This is most important – just adding a new name to a freshly printed certificate is not sufficient (this digital record will avoid risk of duplication … note also: there is a small administrative fee for this necessary action).

These claim certificates are real … in 100-150 years your family descendants may own a massive chunk of Martian land!

Our status and purpose is transparent and honest. Our actions are faithfully based in law and, for the rather barren land on Mars, are sufficient to claim sustained “Actual Possession” since 2010. Independent expert legal opinion supports this statement.

Professor Frans von der Dunk (world famous elite scholar in this subject) has provided an independent Legal Reality Check on our claim:

It declares that our actions have been legal, including those which can be argued to represent Factual Possession. Currently, within the law as it stands, we cannot yet convert that possession into ownership title … but the Professor advises that if/when the law evolves to tolerate such celestial land-property rights, our claim should rightly be first-in-line for consideration.

Now that may take time .. it could be 150 years away … so, as long as you look after that certificate (and pass it down the family line), your family descendants may well become  landowners of a huge chunk of Mars … and hold you up as the HERO that made it all possible. True.

You are purchasing (or obtaining free of charge with an official voucher) a legitimate Mars land claim certificate. This means you are joining our pan-multinational claim of factual possession of land on Mars.

Being uniquely developed in line with current applicable laws, we (Mars Register) honestly believe we can assert actual possession of land on Mars. Expert legal opinion agrees. We now seek to influence some changes in the law that would make possible the registration of Mars land title.

Despite this honest, transparent approach, we can provide no guarantee that we will be able to progress the claim to registration of land title.

We (Dr Philip Davies & Mars Register) accept no liability if the claim (and thus the claim certificates) fail to deliver registration of actual Martian land (and legal deeds).

NOTE: even if our current legal challenges do not lead us to early registration of celestial land title, it is entirely feasible that our claim (which has been acknowledged as received by the UN (UNOOSA)) will remain extant until such time that celestial land ownership becomes widely acceptable. At that time our communal claim would, by law, demand to be appraised. Such process could result in great benefit to the future descendants of our current co-claimants. Again, we accept no liability if this process still fails to result in successful registration of Mars land title.

WOW!...That's Crazy!!


Immediately after making your Mars claim you are able to download your stamped Certificates. You get one Glossy Picture Cert, one Detailed Cert, one Seasonal Gift Cert, a Declaration Of Intent and an informing Covernote…Look:

The Checkout Process
All sales are operated smoothly via the Shopify platform which is very stable to fast high volume transactions. Payment can be made through Shopify payments [credit cards processed: safe, secure and fast] or by Paypal [you dont need to be a Paypal member to use Paypal so you can choose to proceed as a guest and use secure credit card payment.
Remember to input all requested details
On payment you immediately get a downloadable certificate bundle [also by email]. You will need to give us the name of the claimant for our records [eg yourself or the recipient if it is a gift]. All PDF certificates are stamped.
If you have any problems with the payment process, contact us via email [] or via the form on our contact page.


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