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Finally… we have clarity.

‘The Martians’ project has been examined and validated by external experts (legal and scientific). Their reports are now published (see LEGAL and SCIENCE sections of this website). This means it can proceed with transparent confidence into full strategy – build a large membership, strengthen the ‘claim’ and provide an elegant and ethical solution to the legal problems facing space commerce and the Artemis Accords… just in time for ‘Artemis 1’ to lift off on Aug 29th!

We have, for over 12 years, built a pan-multinational communal claim of ‘early factual possession of all land on Planet Mars. This claim is based on the persistent/repeated use of powerful lasers – targeting Planet Mars. When Mars is close, we deliver more than 10 quadrillion laser photons per second to the surface of Mars. This has a very small effect (including carbon dioxide release into the sparse atmosphere). Expert astrophysicist professors have produced analysis/reports which agree with our calculations and assumptions (see the website ‘SCIENCE’ section). Most of the worlds top legal experts (in this field) are familiar with our project. Three of the most respected experts have issued formal reports for us (published in the ‘LEGAL’ section)… it is stated that we can rightly claim factual possession (at least early/embryonic possession) … we can assert a provisional legal foothold on Mars. This is unique. No other agency can currently compete.

NOTE: at this time such unique factual possession cannot be advanced to become ownership. Ownership is not currently possible within space law. BUT, we absolutely expect it to evolve towards tolerance of such property right in future years (maybe 50+ years, when human settlement/mining is established on the Moon … and then Mars). In that situation , we shall be, in the expert lawyer’s own words, “first-in-line” for consideration of ownership…. FACT.

BUT… our claim to land on Mars is not a greedy land grab using cheat codes … it produces a solution to the biggest legal hurdles facing humanity’s next commercial ventures into space. Our project, if accepted, reveals an elegant “flat-packed” solution – it addresses the number one issue facing space commerce (Article I of the Outer Space Treaty), tackles weaponization, manages debris/waste, and facilitates vibrant, responsible commerce. In the course of doing all this, it also saves (and enhances) the Outer Space Treaty.

Without wishing to over-reach, we can confidently assert that “The Martians” project is NEEDED to for space commerce to succeed in a vibrant but responsible manner. It will also prove to be a direct “Benefit to All Humankind”.



Human ventures into space bring unlimited opportunity for space exploitation (commerce), which, if done responsibly, will benefit all humankind and our Planet Earth.

But, there are massive dangers looming as large as the opportunity. All space faring nations intend to weaponize space (a defensive measure to protect space-based and Earthly assets). This will bring dangerous risk and will hurt the Outer Space Treaty (OST: the only thing that really prevents nuclear weapons from being parked 350 km above our heads). Astronauts will no longer be “Envoys of Mankind” (as per the OST) … potentially becoming space force combatants.

Space commerce itself does pose problems for the Outer Space Treaty (to do with use and ownership of resources – mining etc). The US Space Act and Artemis Accords do forge a rocky path through the Outer Space Treaty (basically, a work-around which should grow in strength over time). There is significant discontent (not just Russia and China) over both of these developments … and this tension does cause further harm to the Outer Space Treaty.

Perhaps the biggest risk is the unresolved “problem” of Article I of the Outer Space Treaty. This obligates space faring nations to ensure sharing of the benefits gained from their use of space (mining etc)… so, how much sharing is acceptable?… this is not defined. This uncertainty is a huge problem for space commerce which will need huge investment. It may not stall everything, but it is a massive hurdle.

Disputes (over the amount/type of sharing) will arise … with an already weakened Outer Space Treaty (some experts believe it unfit for purpose), this could be the final straw. It is conceivable that a space faring nation could pull out of the Treaty if pressurized to “share more.”

A weakened treaty (or worse… an abandoned treaty) may not prevent nuclear weaponization of space. As a species, we really are not mature enough to deal with that sort of weaponization. Even “mutually assured destruction” breaks down (a first nuclear strike from orbit = a big win).

Our project (building on a factual possession of land on Mars – which is now validated by expert legal scholars) delivers a solution to all these big risks, including the obligations within article I of OST … it really is an elegant flat-packed solution … we have applied it to Planet Mars, but the UN could apply the same model to the Moon.

For 12 years we have gathered a big membership (co-claimants), largely on a no-cost basis. We are now going commercial … plenty of practical reasons for this. For more info on all this, check out our strategy docs (in the LEGAL section of the website) or the latest video update in the MEDIA section.

CLICK HERE for detailed legal info, including independent reports from some the world’s most respected legal experts

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