Registering Receipt of Transfer?

This page is set up for the registration of transfers of claims … Mars Land Claim Certificate Bundles are attached to their twinned Certificates of Authenticity (CoA) … they can be transferred by their current owner to another recipient (via a simple process managed at If you are the recipient of such a transfer (either by free gift, donation or a direct sale/auction), then you MUST now register your new ownership status. You have Joined The Martians!
If you are ready to do so, click through on this link to register the transfer. If you need more information first, then read on below.

Registering a New Land Claim?

If you are new to this project/enterprise and are keen to join us, then go the the “CLAIM MARS LAND” page. If you want to learn more about our ethical strategy and transparent legal status, then go to the “LEGAL” section. Using high powered lasers to safely target Mars on a persistent basis since 2010, we have exerted a very small but enduring influence/effect on Mars. We have sought expert legal and scientific critique/assessment of our project. The expert view is that our actions with lasers and our ethical governance planning does combine to justify early factual possession of the land on Planet Mars.


If you receive a Mars Claim Certificate Bundle, either by sale or by gift, you must register the transfer with us. It is a simple process, but is needed so as to maintain utmost fidelity in our records.This is a serious venture … these certificates could lead to real deeds to huge areas of land on Mars … you do not want to risk confusion over who is the correct claimant.

You must click on the link below to complete the transfer registration… but before you do, ensure that the Certificate of Authenticity (the blockchain registered certificate from holds the ‘stamped & secured’ certificate bundle. If you are not sure what to look for, click on the link to Martian User Guide, below.

The registration of transfer attracts a small mandatory fee (currently $12).