The Martians are … anybody…
… anybody who joins us in this ethical, purpose driven project.

Our efforts are built around the Celestial Land Use Benefit (CLUB) Plan: CLUB-PLAN

This plan, when applied to Mars, is named CLUB-Mars.

The goal is to deliver $trillions for Martian commercial infrastructure and International human development… and to reinforce space law against weaponization… and to initiate a space-user governance group.

If we get it right, All Humankind will become legal owner of Planet Mars … The Martians will share the beneficial title/interest.

If you join us, you join the Martians .. and join the CLUB (CLUB Mars). This will signal your intent to SERVE HUMANITY AND SAVE THE EARTH!




Everything we do here is based around the Celestial Land Use Benefit (CLUB) Plan: CLUB-PLAN

When applied to Mars, the CLUB Plan is known as CLUB-Mars.

This is created to deliver massive funds for the support of Martian commercial infrastructure and a giant fund for human international development. This will be of huge benefit to many and will faithfully observe the Outer Space Treaty.

CLUB Mars, once realized, will bring with it a space-user governance group and a newly ratified space law agreement (Celestial Peace and Prosperity Protocol:, which will reinforce and enhance the law concerning weapons and debris.

The Martians Project (a communal claim to possession of land on Mars, based on the persistent application of high powered lasers to Mars) is the vehicle for the introduction of CLUB Mars (a benevolent “Trojan Horse”). It will, through partnership with space industry elements, provide a huge jolt and $billions carrot for the wide acceptance of the CLUB Plan ($trillions if combined with CLUB Moon).




Why not indeed!

We dont intend to stay separate/ apart. We want to collaborate.

We expect other agencies, especially space industry, to join with us.

And it does not have to be that way … we are happy to be subsumed by a bigger entity and forgotten about, as long as this ethical purpose is delivered.

Right now.. an independent agency like us is so needed.

  • The UN is bogged down in … whatever …
  • Space Industry wants to make money, but is otherwise confused
  • Space politics is frictional
  • Lobbying agencies (popular space advocates) are plentiful – they mostly advocate free-market celestial property rights (first-come, first served), sometimes with genteel hat-tipping towards the ethos of the old Outer Space Treaty (but without any proper recognition of the obligations). Others are just self-aggrandizing ventures without any wider purpose.

Two of the better “proponents for space commerce” would be Moon Village Association and the Space Settlement Initiative. They have been motivational for a limited number of people and agencies. But really, they take us nowhere…

The Moon Village Association has taken several years to develop a Best Practice for Lunar commercial activity which, summarized, says to space industry … “Please try to observe the Outer Space Treaty … but dont worry, you can mine the Moon without worry).

The Space Settlement Initiative advocates outright first-come-first-serve lunar property rights … with primary sales providing funds for lunar infrastructure development. The problem is that this does rip up the Treaty and does not deliver available funds until after everyone is on the Moon in their sealed lunar homes.

So…what is the point? …

At a time when nations want to weaponize space, space-players have plans for unregulated space mining which pays little attention to the core principles of space law.

There will be arguments!

There will be dangerous debris.

Current advances in space-law discussion at UN (whilst more encouraging than previously) are tentative and unlikely to deliver decisive agreement.

Our plan. the CLUB Plan, changes everything. It is not just the $3 Trillion dollar carrot – although, with $2 trillion of that coming up-front, it does give celestial commerce a huge, early helping hand (to fund infrastructure/transport).  The CLUB Plan also delivers peaceful, responsible commerce through the formation of a space user governance group, and  ratification of a new agreement which reinforces and develops the Outer Space Treaty –  especially against weapons and debris.

So, what’s the key?… simple. We just need a subtle change in legal understanding – no need to change written law. It requires only a small shift in law… celestial land becomes repositioned as “owned by” rather than “belonging to” humankind. That tiny shift is worth over $3 Trillion dolars and will bring peace and prosperity to humanity.

It starts with the concept of ownership. We need international law to borrow something from private common law … split ownership rights. We want the legal title of ownership to go to All Humankind (so that Humankind has “effective soverignty”) – to be held intrust by a UN Committee like COPUOS (not the UN itself). We then seek benefifcial title (the beneficial ownership/interest) to be shared amongst our members – and they are, to our best efforts, an equitable represention of all humankind. After that, space law gets reinforced, space commerce gets a light-touch regulator, and market forces take over…

Join the Martians – Join the CLUB

Serve Humanity and Save the Earth


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