The CLUB Plan – Key Points:

  • Our immediate plans involve the application of CLUB Plan to Mars (CLUB-Mars). But CLUB Plan can be just as easilly applied to the Moon (CLUB-Moon) – with larger early  financial reward (Mars related rewards accellerate later in medium term projection).
  1. Although there is finally some very good work under way at the UN on elements of this subject (including the proposed legal use and “ownership” of celestial resources), I believe the CLUB Plan is urgently needed to provide optimal direction and method.
  2. THE IMMINENT WEAPONIZATION OF SPACE needs to be stalled – the CLUB Plan (CLUB Mars plus CLUB Moon) is a $3 trillion dollar carrot leading away from that. It is not a convoluted trick; it is clearly based on simple robust math (addition).
  3. The key legal shift occurs within understanding rather than legal text. Celestial land becomes repositioned as “owned by” rather than “belonging to” humanity.
  4. I don’t want to trivialize the required structural/procedural alterations within private and public international law. The CLUB Plan demands a split of rights within ownership (well represented within common law). Although this could prove tricky, it is surely feasible – with this split we suddenly have opportunity for responsible governance and vast sharable benefits. I suggest that a UN Committee (such as COPUOS LSC) is well placed to act as trustee, holding legal title for all humankind (this would be defined/mandated within a declaration of trust, Trust Mars). To be comfortable with the moon agreement (as well as OST 1967), I assert that COPUOS is not an organisation. UN/UNOOSA is the organisation (UN is the Church, COPUOS is the congregation).
  5. So, humanity holds the controlling legal title. The beneficial interest (beneficial ownership) can be held & enjoyed by humans.
  6. The CLUB Plan will deliver enormous, internationally shared benefits – without burdening the space industry (the mining corporations). It is the beneficial landowners who, under the CLUB Plan, become the “engine for generation of benefits.”
  7. Under the CLUB Plan, there will be harmonization of all space laws/agreements.
  8. Under the CLUB Plan (within the Declaration of Trust, Trust-Mars), there must be creation of a business-friendly Space user governance group. Representation within this important group will only be open to Space/Mars-faring nations who have ratified a binding agreement to reinforce OST and extend strength against strike weaponization (the Celestial Peace and Prosperity Protocol: CPPP). The CPPP title was chosen after some limited market research amongst our European and Russian members. 
  9. We believe that the motivation for involved space faring nations to be represented on the governance body (Mars User Governance Group: MUGG) is sufficient to jolt their action WRT ratification of CPPP. We think they will be further motivated to have a largely autonomous governing user group rather than a UN stewardship committee! Within the CLUB Plan, there will be oversight of this governance. The trustee (COPUOS LSC?) will have power to veto with a 75% vote and a subsequent authority to direct/mandate action with a further 75% vote. 
  10. With regard to the business-operations platform required to deliver the CLUB-Plan. The 99% automated infrastructure is all in place now and has proved itself capable of handling 2500 new claims/memberships within 90 minutes.
  11. In this pre-registration phase (we are issuing validated claim certifications, within our communal claim of early factual possession), we aim to generate $400 Billion net profits. At least 60% of these profits are to be allocated to an International development fund ($100M), a Mars development fund ($100M) and a waste/debris management fund ($40M). The registration and post-registration phase will prove hugely profitable, due to the tokenizing of the deeds-of-assignments (non-fungible tokens, NFTs, with intrinsic contracts). This means that every secondary sale of “beneficial land” brings back 20% in royalty levies. At least 95% of these profits will again go to those identified funds ($1Trillion within 15 years). Modest land rent payments (installations occupying the land) are received by landowners, with a 20% levy going straight to the international fund.
  12. The business infrastructure is set for CLUB-Mars, but we could rapidly create and implement CLUB-Moon alongside. CLUB-Moon will donate >95% profits right from the start. After 15 years (post-registration via Trust Mars) , running in parallel, CLUB Mars and CLUB Moon should donate in excess of $3 Trillion to those worthy funds within 15 years.
  13. At this point I will be seeking positive reviews from interested specialist media, then wider reputable media outlets. It is unlikely that such media approaches will deliver ignition for this venture to become truly global. I have held off from accepting seed investment (I have talked with potential investors – most have visions for shaping the project away from the donation of 60-95% profits – this would fatally compromise the plan). Nevertheless, I anticipate that bundled investment will be required – bringing seed funds and an investor with widespread credible public influence. We need public awareness that this is something credible, honest, and with ethical intent.