Mainstream Media Attention!

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Well the genie is now really out of the bottle. Difficult to control the story when tabloid journalism gets its hands on the matter. This one started after the UK newspaper, Daily Express, picked up on one of our press releases. The article does not focus on our core message, that being that we are in urgent need of an update to the Outer Space Treaty before it gets completely ignored or dropped (and then nothing would stop nuclear weapons getting into Space). However, in most other aspects the article is quite fair to us so we cannot complain. Already we can see evidence of discussions on space law springing up in various online forums. So mainsteam media is  raising the profile of this issue for us.

See it here: Daily Express

Morning News USA has a story also: Morning News USA

Also at Inquisitr:

We now see it at Russia Today ( where it has got a mixed reaction. It looks like some people have just read the sensational tabloid piece and not actually looked at what we are really doing before firing off loose comments. Anyway, we expected all that. As long as it gets people to read up about and discuss the state of space peace/safety then we must be happy. See the RT link here:


Just a note to remind everyone: in order to get high media profile through our claim case going to international arbitration, we will need a minimum of $30,000 to facillitate this. So thats why we do charge a small amount per acre rather than giving it away for free (which is what we did for the first 100 claims). We are not near to that figure just yet.


In order to reassure all those doubters who think that at 1 cent per 10 acres we are just all about the money…. we will now publish excerts from our negotiations with UN and PCA over the last few months. This should show everyone that we are absolutely committed to our ethical campaign. It also shows that we do have a properly competitive claim to land on Mars. So, we will publish that material here in the next day or so…