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Ok, so after extensive study on Public International law and Space law we constructed a provisional model on how we might legally claim possession of a celestial body. Using modern technology (class 4 lasers) we further developed this claim to possession for land Planet Mars. We have been engaged in our claim of factual possession (or “Effective Occupation”) since 2010. We have checked with scientific and legal academics (including a Professor of Public International Law) in order to confirm that our claim was faithful to existing law and science and therefore legally competitive… by legally competitive we mean we have demonstrated a right to International Due Process, whereby our claim should be legally assessed against proof requirEments for celestial land acquisition.

So, we are happy that our claim is legally sound and competitive… but how do we actually get title registration (“legal ownership”) of land on a planet??!!

Well, we now know…

Forget all the bogus novelty entities out their purporting to be celestial registries and selling deeds. we all know they are not valid. We can only see 2 international bodies being capable of providing celestial registry services:

1/ The United Nations, specifically UNCOPUOS (Committee for Peaceful Uses of Outer Space; the body that agreed the existing Outer Space Treaty).

2/ The Permanent Court of Arbitration (The PCA: at The Hague); fresh from its arbitration in favour of Philippines v China in a high profile land dispute.

We have been in communication with both bodies. The advise we have from UNOOSA (UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, the secretariat to UNCOPUOS) is that they cannot decide on our right to ‘due process’ or land title registration. They do not have a mandate for this…. but they advise that a member state can introduce such a proposal (that our claim be subjected to due process) to UNCOPUOS. This committtee would have authority to decide on the matter.

So now we apply pressure to the representative members to the committee, starting with UK (since that is where we are based).

For a land claim that is not ill founded or frivolous we identify a right to international Due process (similar to the absolute right in US law, including for land claims). However, to make it easier for the UN committee, we are happy to have external arbitration applied to our right (or not) to Due Process.

That’s where the PCA come in. They have agreed (in writing) that they could arbitrate either on our full claim to Mars land registration or just on our right to due process (as long as consent from all relevant parties is obtained).

The PCA saw a claim like our coming! A couple of years ago they developed specific rules for arbitration in disputes relating to Outer Space activities!

The UN on the other hand did not see it coming and nor do they fancy it much! … But, we now see that they are starting to understand our beneficial intent (to use our Mars claim as a lobbying tool to push for new updates to the Outer Space Treaty before it is dangerously dropped). They are also starting to realise that they don’t have much wriggle room against our claim.

Although our claim is legally competitive, it is only likely to be successful if we can legally equate difficult and rather barren land on Earth to the land on Mars. Geographically speaking we certainly can… but strategic importance tends to push the proof-bar higher…. so the outcome of due process might not find in our favour. We have to understand that. However, such a high profile law case would give us the necessary media attention to jolt UNCOPUOS members into action on the space treaty…. and… we shouldn’t forget this … a definite possibility that we could actually be awarded the land on Mars!

So, with UN in a corner on this (we are advised that we could take legal action if the question of our right to due process was not formally assessed), we are going to give the UK UN representatives a bit of time to decide on action.

It is therefore a great time to join our campaign, either just through our social media (Twitter is best) or buy staking a cheap claim to Mars land here at

NOTE: Our communications with UN and PCA have been at the HIGHEST level. hence things are moving much faster than we had anticipated!

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