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Well, even though you may be skeptical about all this (rightly so), we can assure you that if our membership grows, so does the strength of the claim certificate you now have. It means we are more likely to be able to agitate the UN to update the Outer Space Treaty (to prevent aggressive weaponization of space); it also becomes more likely that you will be able to provide your family descendents with actual land on Mars (that might take 100 years, but its a real prospect now, especially if the membership grows past one million).
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Summary of situation Summer 2022:

We have only 200,000 FREE land claims to issue. Grab them while you can (only one each – and remember to follow/support us on social media). Also visit our website OVERVIEW and LEGAL section to see how ‘THE MARTIANS’ project provides an elegant solution to problems facing space commerce and also SAVES THE OUTER SPACE TREATY.

1. Our claim to land on Mars is one of communal possession … NOT ownership (yet). Ownership is not currently legally possible (but we expect the law to evolve towards tolerance of property rights in future). Expert lawyers state (in writing) that our claim should be first-in-line when/if that happens.

2. The use of powerful lasers (targeting Mars for over 12 years) helps to satisfy limited criteria required in law to provide early control & improvement to difficult, barren land…. for the purpose of claiming early factual possession. Our ethical, peaceful and pro-business governance plan does also help strengthen this claim.

3. Some of the world’s most respected scholars of International Law (law professors) and astrophysics have validated our science base and, most importantly, have agreed that we can reasonably claim early “factual possession” of all land on Mars. These independent reports are published in the website LEGAL and SCIENCE sections.

4. This validation allows us to proceed with our strategy (see LEGAL section for strategy summary document). We aim to facilitate vibrant responsible commerce in a peaceful celestial environment. We seek legal ownership of Mars to go to All Humankind, held in trust by the UN. We seek beneficial title (split ownership) to go to all our co-claimants (claimants are from all 195+ nations).

5. ‘The Martians’ project brings a solution to the biggest obstacles facing space commerce – including Article I of the Outer Space Treaty. This is a huge issue.

6. Our claim to land on Mars is the only celestial land claim to be proven as “filed” @ UN (2016).

7. Our proposed solution sits elegantly alongside Outer Space Treaty, US Space Act and Artemis Accords. It actually brings them together! That is why so many top lawyers like it.

8. In creating a technically legitimate claim, it means that anyone who joins as a member (a co-claimant with a Mars land claim certificate bundle) now has a genuine opportunity to provide their family descendants with actual land on Mars… the legal advice is that if the law evolves towards tolerance of property rights (as we know it will in future), then this claim should sit “first-in-line”

9. We have over 200,000 members now (“The Martians”). We want one million by 2023. Most Claims have been free to date … now we have introduced low prices for claims – to raise funds for re-investment (stengthening the possession) and lobbying (state delegations and space industry execs). But, we still have 200,000 FREE claims to issue. Get them while you can!

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