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Good to get a big article in The Times and prime-time UK national radio (5 live) with 8 million listeners. It has got a lot of people talking about space laws (what are they???) and why they might be in big trouble unless updated very soon. Of course we have to shoulder the skeptical humour that surely must acompany a new “claim” to celestial land. That’s fine… we can’t expect the average listener/reader to immediately grasp the validity in our claim and campaign. This is just the start…. with more people reading the “About” section on this website and with a looming legal consideration of our “right to due process”, we are going to gather evermore interest in both our legal land claim and our important campaign.

The links to the media stories:

So, we had a big Friday last week with a half-page article in the Times (print and online). A lot of online stuff happened quickly after (The Sun and Daily Mail), plus national radio.


There are signs now of the Press Coverage becoming a little more responsible (ie. focussing a bit more on politics, science and law). This was as we expected. Here we have a very recent and hugely popular article which has been dominating the Australian media, news & science pages:

[ click here for link ] – we are very pleased with the response we have got from Australians (like >700 new members/claimants in 5 days!).

To find out “THE LEGAL TRUTH” in all this stuff, click HERE!