Prof. Frans Von Der Dunk
Othmer Chair of Space Law
University of Nebraska, US
Director at IISL

Dr Philip De Man
Sen Lecturer Space Law
University of Leuven, BE
Rapporteur ILA-SLC

Dr PJ. Blount
Lecturer in Law/Space Law
University of Cardiff, UK
Executive Secretary IISL

Prof. Dr Paul Sutter
Theoretical Cosmologist
Stony Brook Uni NYC, US
TV Science Host/Expert

The experts above are not affiliated in any way with Mars Register or The Martians. They have all very kindly provided independent expert critique of The Martians Project. Legal reports from Prof. Von Der Dunk and Dr De Man are published in our legal section of this website. Dr PJ. Blount provided a brief but hugely helpful email analysis. Prof Sutter scrutinized our calculations and science base (see the science section). They all know their stuff.