The Martians M-Test

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Welcome to The Martians M-Test

The M-Test comprises just 10 questions based on Space, Mars and a bit of Space-Law

We use The M-Test to assess and hopefully pre-approve you towards Martian membership

No Pressure then (on Mars)



Are the new plans for space commerce/mining (within projects like Artemis) "completely within the law?"

Name this constellation

On which planet is a day longer than a year?

Is mining the Moon, Mars & Asteroids going to help us on Earth?

Which of these factors is the biggest risk to astronauts on a 3 month visit to Mars ?

Several agencies sell "novelty-fake" celestial land deeds ... is that good, bad or "meh"?

Which planet has blue sunsets?

How many moons does Mars have?

How long will the first human jouney from Earth to Mars take (one way)?

Is "The Martians" ethical project completely legitimate?