Martian Millionaire


This is our weekly giveaway for anyone who holds at least one of the following:


  1. Mars Land Claim Certification (Preference, Priority, Standard or National).

  2. Provisional Mars Czars Certification.

  3. Provisional Tsars of Mars Certification.


  •  Use your email address to enter. This email must be the one stamped on your Certificate (one of the three above). If not, you wont win!
  • Each week you are allowed only one entry with that email address… but you can get more entries if you provide new referrals (see page-links after you enter)***
  • The winner is chosen by random (automated process)…  The winner’s email is then manually checked against our Certificate records to ensure validity.
  • The winner will get a voucher code to get a Free Standard Mars Land Claim (2 Certificate bundles and a blockchain registered CoA from
  • A Standard Mars Land Claim is an independently validated (expert legal reports are published HERE ) claim of possession – identified against an average area of 22 Sq Km in size (could vary from 9 to 35Sq Km = 2,250 to 8500 acres).
  • This Prize currently sells for $24 … but if The Martians project is realised (land registered as owned), the early future value of this 22 Sq Km claim would be $1.1 Million if the land is valued at just $200 per acre.


“Make Me a Martian Millionaire” resets every week for another weekly giveaway