Mars Land Claims – A Guide To Gifting

If you know somebody who is cut-out to be a motivated, ethically minded Martian, then why not buy them this amazing gift … to Join the Martians in our communal claim to possession of the land on Mars.

So, go to our “Claim Mars Land” page…

You are on our website “Claim Mars Land” page…

You notice the “Verisart Certified” button (with link to tell you what that means). It’s an exciting partnership that we have initiated … hang in there, you will find out more on this later.
You MUST read the disclaimer and the “what you are getting section” … why?… because this is all for REAL (not a novelty… so think about it).

When it comes top the claims, there are options. What do they mean?

The Preference Claims are expensive, which means they are mostly of interest to space-commerce. These claims are laid against exact plots of land on Mars (each up to 35 Sq Km).

All other claims are not identified against exact plots. There is a huge strategic advantage in doing this rather than allocating thousands, even millions, of exact plots at this early stage in space commerce. Should we then become successful in registering beneficial title to the land on Mars, we will allow for a fair allocation of plots to our members. This may be by random lottery. All members/claimants will get a plot. First to be allocated (after the Preference plots), will be the Priority Claims, which lie in “the tropics” between 25deg N and 25 deg S. As a result they are some of the biggest plots (varying from 20 to 35 Sq Km in size. Note: 35 Sq Km = 8500 acres, which is the full size of my local market town.). After that come the Standard and National Claims. They range from 9 to 53 Sq Km in size. There is no difference between them really (other than the allocation of Standard Claims will go first). The National Claims are cheaper because we want people of all nations to join us in equitable numbers. We have allocated claims to all nations in numbers which reflect population size, state corruption and human rights statistics. Only one National claim can be purchased in any one “shopping cart” … but multiple Standard and/or Priority Claims can be bought together. This should facilitate diversity…. which is what we want.

Before you click on your choice, you want to know a bit about Verisart certification … what’s that all about? … you click on the Verisart logo …

So you’ve learnt that the Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) is a fantastic idea which serves to validate every single claim certificate that we issue… and because it “lives” on the Bitcoin blockchain, the fidelity of our records should endure beyond the end of this century! The CoA is essentially a non fungible token (NFT) that we provide for you at no additional cost. Whilst you might enjoy exploring the CoA’s journey on the blockchain, you don’t need to do that, and you don’t need a cryptocurrency wallet to manage it (you just use your complimentary-FREE Verisart member’s dashboard). So, a unique CoA will be twinned with whichever type of Mars Land Claim you choose here…

OK, you are back on our “Claim Mars Land” page … and you have made your choice… you now click through to your choice (let’s say it’s a Priority Claim) …

So, here you are on the product page for the Priority Claims at our sales site

You will see that it is a plain, functional and very secure (https) site. We love the Shopify platform. That’s just what we want. We hope it works for you.

You will see images on the page… first showing the Mars Claim Certificate Bundle. This comes in a 5 page PDF document (it does not have the big orange “priority” logo applied to it … that is just promo imagery). You will see other images (on mobile phone you must either swipe along or click dots to see them). You will see a deliberately blurred image of a typical Certificate of Authenticity (CoA). You will get one of these as well as the bundle. This document is registered on the Bitcoin Blockchain. You wont ever have to actually deal directly with the blockchain (unless you want to) … it serves to maintain acuracy/fidelity of records. So that if, over the next 50-100 years, the certificates are transfered several times (either by donation to family member of by direct sale/auction), the record of ownership will remain accurate (preventing fraud etc). More on that later.

The last image dows part of the Mars Reg 1 Application form (Application for First registration of the Land on Mars_ which we update and send to the UN yearly (sometimes twice yearly is we have a lot of new members). The UN (UNOOSA) has acknowledged receipt of the Application but has not yet felt able to do anything with it … give us time!

There is a lot of information on these product pages. Because these claims are serious document, it is important that you read this information, including the disclaimer and T and Cs. After all, you want to know what you are getting/giving.

So, whether or not you intend to buy as a gift (or if it is just for yourself), you must imput the name and email address of the intended recipient (which could just be you). If you know the DOB of recipient, then please insert that (it reinforces the strength of registration evidence… but is not mandatory).

Then click through to the shopping cart.

There you can choose to add more claims (press the “+” sign to allocate more claims to the same recipient). If you want to buy another claim for a different person, then return to product pages to apply details (name, DOB and email).

Once you are ready to checkout, you must tick the box to confirm that you understand and accept the T and Cs. You can also choose to indicate your prefered geographic names for the claimed land, and any bases or towns that may be bult there in future. We will retain that in our secured (GDPR compliant) records…

Checkout page allows for secure payment by various usual means.

We have processed thousands in the last few years and the Shopify platform has not let us down. Very secure and reliable. No customer problems (so far!) with payments.

NOTE: if you do have a voucher code then you simply apply that in the appropriate text field and will not have to input any financial details… just your basic email and postal address stuff.

Once payment is successfully processed, you will be able to click on an immediate link to download your secured 5-page Mars Land Claim certificate bundle (a secured PDF document which can’t be edited … unless you do a sneaky unlock!).

You will also see a message that advises of your incoming Certificate of Authenticity from

You do not need to download those docs immediately if you dont want to. The download link will also be sent to you provided email address.

As the purchaser, you will be hit by several emails, all with links to downloads!

We do not send the certificate to the person you are gifting … why?… because you, as purchaser, must transfer the certificate bundle and the Certificate of Authenticity (the go together) to the recipeint .., by email. For security reasons, we cannot send the CoA directly to a gift recipient… the buyer has to do that. It takes only a few minutes… we will show you how that works…

So you go to your email account…

In your your email account…

First email in will be from Celestial Sales .. it gives comprehensive advice on what happens next … and what you must do. Read it.

It also contains a link back to your order… but you dont really need that… because you will get a link to your downloads in the next email… that will be from Mars Claim Downloads (the email header from SendOwl … SendOwl is a reputable agency for digital sales and delivery (they stamp, lock and send out our certificate bundles)….

So you click on the link to download the certificate bundle (5 pages… containing 3 certificates). This bundle is secured and stamped (in small print at bottom of each page) with order number and purchasers email. This is unique to that bundle. It is not easy to add the recipeints name to the text fields (because SendOwl has locked the PDF docs). We want the bundle to remain like this so it can be transfered in future to other people (by gift, donation or sale) without your name stuck digitally in the name field. Now, although you can unlock this bundle (there are websites that can do this for free… like, we dont want you to do that. This secured bundle should be uploaded (immediately, by you!) to the Certificate of Authenticity (you will get the link to this by email from Verisart). You can of course print the certificate pages and add the recipient’s name in handwritten form. This seems fair to us.

BUT… feedback from existing members is that they would like the option to digitally add the recipients name for printing purposes… so … we now send out another batch of writable certificates that you can edit in this way…. the email with the link to these writable certificates comes next… from Celestial Sale’s “Digital Downloads” …

Download these writable (unstamped) certificates. You can add names digitally before printing. Ideally, we would like you to delete these certificates after use for printing … but if you dont, then just keep them safe. They could easilly be edited to create fraudulent problems (although the Certificates of Authenticity should stop any chance of that happening)….

You can delete the writable certificates… BUT, It is important that you look after the Mars Claim Certificate Bundle.
Although you can do anything you want with them (including printing or just sending direct by email to a gift recipient), you MUST also upload them to the Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) … so, where is that. It comes in the next email… from Verisart….

Click the link …. it will take you to a page where you can sign up for a FREE membership at

There is no catch or obligation … we pay a monthly fee (to Verisart) to allow our members to have this facility. If, for whatever reason you find yourself at a different page (@ Verisart) and cannot see where to sign up for free, then just go to this page …

See below…

You sign up for free by using the same email address … and please do use a proper, secure password.

Once signed up, you will be asked to confirm your email address (just return to your email port and click on the new confirmation email from Verisart)… now you can enter your Verisart member zone…

Once inside your member’s dashboard you can see the certificate of authenticity…

You will see the icons at the bottom of the certificate… the dots allow for you to download a full blockchain record (useful in future). The download icon allows you to download (and print if you want) a special version of the certificate which can be safely displayed if you wish.

Whether the claim certificates are for you or to be gifted, you must do the following ASAP:

Click the edit icon (pencil) and go into the CoA… in the Additional Files Section you MUST upload the secure 5 page certificate bundle (not the writable certificates).  Once uploaded, you must press the privacy lock and leave it there.

After that, you must place you email address in the “Current Location” field….

Now, if you are GIFTING,  you are ready to transfer the CoA (which now has the Certificate bundle attached).

This is all your recipient needs to have secure ownership of the claim.

To transfer it over, you just click on the Transfer link (at front of certificate to the left of the other icons) … you will have to very carefully input the recipients email address (and ideally mobile telephone number also … in case of any glitches).

Press SEND … that’s it. After sending, you will see that the image of CoA is listed as transferred out (if you click on the 3 vertical dots, the transfer is noted there). You no longer have control of the CoA.

From time of your purchase to this SEND takes only about 5 minutes…

So, what does your gift recipient get?… They get an email from Verisart that advises of your transfer to them… they are encouraged to confirm new ownership of the CoA (so they can sign-up to Free membership, just like you did). ..

The recipient now can click on the Confirm Ownership link… this will taken them to the Free Sign-Up page (the same which you went through just minutes earlier). It is the same quick process to sign up and have access to the Certificate of Authenticity.
The new claim owner should access their Free Member Dashboard at Verisart to manage the CoA. The first thing to do is click on the edit icon (pencil) to enter the CoA … there are two things to do now…

1. Check that the correct secured Mars Claim Bundle is attached to the CoA in the “Additional Files” section. It should be privacy locked. The new owner should download a copy of the certificate bundle (to examine, keep, print).

2. The new owner should replace the previous owner’s email address details with their own (in the “Current Location” field.

See below…

The certificate bundle is easily downloaded. It is secured, so digitally adding a name is not easy (unless you have it unlocked at … but we encourage you to print and then add your handwritten name to the certificates.

BUT, the CoA itself is easily downloaded and printed/displayed … just click the download/print icon ( on the CoA image in the Verisart members dashboard). It is a good looking certificate … there is a QR code applied which does allow people to scan and link to see more of the CoA … but nothing insecure or compromising. The CoA itself is unique.

Don’t worry, the blockchain maintains fidelity of records…

To see the blockchain records for the CoA, the owner just needs to click on the image of the CoA (in the Verisart Members Dashboard). Inside the CoA, you can see the “Verification – Details – History” section. If you click on History, you will see a link to the blockchain records of each event in the CoA’s “life” (e.g. creation, transfer, uploading of claim bundle, input of owners email address, another transfer … etc).

Although the recipient may wish to explore the Bitcoin blockchain, there is no actual need to do so. It is easy to manage the CoA from the members dashboard at Verisart … so no need to get a cryptocurrency wallet if you don’t fancy it (although we all will have one in  5 years!).

Join The Martians! … ENJOY!

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